BDSM Cunty Revenge - Freshie Juice & Dixie Comet porno video

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Cunty Revenge - Freshie Juice & Dixie Comet
Cunty Revenge - Freshie Juice & Dixie Comet
Cunty Revenge - Freshie Juice & Dixie Comet
Cunty Revenge - Freshie Juice & Dixie Comet

Dixie is Freshie’s assistant, Freshie is nouveau self help guru. Freshie always treats Dixie like trash even though Dixie has basically given up her personal life to fulfill all of her ridiculous needs. Dixie’s boyfriend just broke up with her and her job is blame because Dixie is never around. She reaches out to her boss but Freshie just ignores her while scrolling on her phone. When Dixie asks if she can have a day off to sort some personal things out, Freshie tells her hell no because her upcoming tour is more important than Dixie’s life. Freshie then shoos her off to go fetch her barbiturates and Dixie sadly does as she is told.

A bit later, Freshie hears a crash from upstairs and goes to investigate. She finds Dixie laying on the floor with pills sprawled out in front of her. She shakes her and is very vocal about how inconvenient it is for her that her assistant decided to end it all. And withe an oh well shrug, she turns to walk out of the room. Dixie springs up from the floor and grabs Freshie, throwing her onto the bed. Dixie pulls out a piece of rope and ties Freshie’s wrists behind her back as she continues to talk down to her assistant. Dixie can’t take it anymore, she’s had enough of her over the years and stuffs her mouth full of panties and wraps them in with white duct tape. Dixie pulls her tits from her bra and ties up her chest. She pulls Freshie to the end of the bed where she’s bent over it and ties her neck off to the bed frame. Dixie leaves her there as she goes off to grab a little surprise.

Dixie comes back in just her black pantyhose and wearing a strap-on. She rips open Freshie’s pantyhose then walks to the side of the bed to show Freshie what she’s in for. Dixie confesses that she’s been dreaming of the moment where she completely humiliates Freshie and ruins her life for a very long time. Dixie goes back behind Freshie and starts fucking her with her cock. While doing so, Dixie informs her boss that she’s stealing a bunch of her money and taking her down by releasing all the nasty stuff Freshie has done to others over the years. Her career as a self help guru was a sham and Dixie is going to expose the fraud. After Freshie cums, Dixie ties up her legs and ankles and leaves her there struggling, humiliated and totally fucked.

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