BDSM ShinyBound - The Pleasure Prisoner porno video

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ShinyBound - The Pleasure Prisoner
ShinyBound - The Pleasure Prisoner
ShinyBound - The Pleasure Prisoner

“So you need to know concerning my weirdest sexual encounter?. OK. Well, I read my book and also zoning out someday after work when I listened to something loud come from downstairs. It sounded like a door closing. I strolled down the staircases to investigate, and prior to I saw anything, I was gotten from behind. I had a hard time and attempted to get away, however he was also solid as well as his hand mored than my nose and mouth. So I obtained light headed. When I finally opened my eyes once again, I was in a weird place I had actually never been in the past. I was dressed in some sort of leotard one-piece suit as well as I was strapped right into a jacket that had no openings in the sleeves for my hands. Likewise, I had these huge spike heel boots on. As I involved, he ordered me again and also drew my arms to the sides and also strapped them in place. I tried to call out for assistance, however there was a bitter rubber ball strapped in my mouth, so shouting was pointless. He belted my legs together securely as well as linked everything down to some type of bedframe. All I recognize is that I could not relocate an inch afterwards. After that he left me there like that for about a half an hour. I attempted to kick as well as yell, yet it was no usage. When he returned in, he tightened everything down and also notified me that I was his pleasure detainee. He had actually strapped a vibe tightly in between my thighs which was when he turned it on. I agonized as well as struggled to get away from it, however it was lodged in there actually well as well as the intense resonances were zapping my stamina. He left me there like that of what looked like hrs. By the time he returned, I had orgasmed numerous times and was extremely maddeningly delicate in between. It was sheer torment. Lastly, he was available in and also stated he was leaving me there for the evening all tied up. I went crazy a bit as well as attempted my hardest to draw cost-free, yet I might still hardly move. The vibrator was still gong strong and he pushed it better into my pussy, causing me to orgasm once again quickly. Then he left me there, still humming away. Ultimately my pussy went numb as well as I had the ability to drop off awhile. However when I once more opened my eyes, it was mid-orgasm and also the convulsions tore me from my rest. Eventually he let me go. By that time, I was worn completely and pleased. He had pulled from me one of the most fantastic climaxes of my life as well as it was in a hot area that I never ever wanted to leave. I keep really hoping that he comes for me once again and takes me to that secret place.”.

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