BDSM Anal Asylum: Chloe Cherry and Lexi Lore | HD 720p porno video

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Added: 11-08-2019, 08:35
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Anal Asylum: Chloe Cherry and Lexi Lore | HD 720p

Anal Asylum: Chloe Cherry and Lexi Lore | HD 720p

Chloe Cherry is a nurse at Analen Anstalt. Your job is to allow anal prostitutes to leave their cells from time to time and give them anal therapy. Today, he is releasing patient Lexi Lore. When Lex's cage door opens, she first takes her legs off a leather jacket, with perfect pierced tits and a gag in her mouth. First, Chloe takes out a cupcake from Lexis and takes off her bathrobe. He raises one leg, stretches the bare bottom and asks Lexi to start licking. Lexi slips and pushes her tongue through Chloe's ass and fucks her beautiful hole with her tongue. Then Chloe takes a double-sided acrylic toy and fills it with the big side on Lexis' ass. Chloe lets Lex yawn her ass, but he wants to stretch her even further, grabs an even bigger glass toy and fucks Lexis' ass with him, getting even bigger gags. Chloe wants to get even bigger in order to get a thick dildo and push him in and out of Lex's asshole until he opens wide and wide. Finally, Chloe pulls out a large metal cork, butt and leaves it in the ass Lexis, pressing the vibrator to his clitoris and runs. Then Chloe put on a leash. She says Lexie, just fucks good girls and puts them in her ass and fucks her deeply. He turns around and fucks Lexis' ass with open legs, and Lexi ejaculates heavily with Chloe's cock in her ass. Since Lexi seems to be having too much fun, Chloe wants Lexi to play with her ass now. Chloe is completely naked on the examination table, with her ass in the air, and Lexi pushes a large metal dildo in her ass and fucks her while Chloe pushes a vibrator in her pussy. Then Chloe takes a large double pink dildo and pushes him in both asses and positions herself from ass to ass. Before returning Lexi back to her cage, Chloe climbs onto his back and allows Lexi to slip the slug deep into her ass and drip with a vibrator.

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Anal Asylum: Chloe Cherry and Lexi Lore | HD 720p

Anal Asylum: Chloe Cherry and Lexi Lore | HD 720p

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