BDSM Anal Domination Training | HD 720p porno video

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Anal Domination Training | HD 720p

Anal Domination Training | HD 720p

Chanel Preston sits on the throne, and two obedient men kneel down next to her. To his right is Penny Pax, who wants to train so much to beat other asses. On all fours, with a round ass full of latex and big natural breasts, Penny listens and listens, while Chanel agrees to give him a chance. To the left of Chanel is Kendra Spade, who sits naked and silent and serves only Penny and the willing donkey on which to practice. But first, Penny should read Chanel's buttocks to show him how much she wants. Chanel gets up and raises her purple latex tight dress, leans to the throne and spreads her big beautiful round ass. She asks Penny to show her what she has, and he throws his head first in the ass and carefully licks the hole. Chanel pushes Penny away and asks Kendra to show her how. Indeed, Kendra licks Chanel’s hole with a lot of gums, licks and fucks him with his tongue and makes Chanel moan with pleasure. Chanel asks Kendra to put a glass toy in her ass, and Kendra does it perfectly and shows Penny again. Kendra takes a toy out of Chanel's ass and puts it in her mouth to clean it. She puts it in Chanel's ass and feeds Penny a toy. Chanel then challenges Penny to put a toy in Kendra's ass and not disappoint her. Penny stretches Kendra's ass with a clear glass toy while Chanel whips Penny's bare ass. Chanel pushes Hitachi into Kendra's pussy and she squirts loudly. In the next scene, Kendra lies with her legs spread and a metal cork in the ass on her back. Chanel orders Penny to make Kendra cum, so Penny licks Kendra's pussy while Chanel fucks Penny's ass with a big metal dildo. Chanel then orders Kendra to blow her ass. Chanel puts a mirror of cold metal in Kendra's ass and spreads it. Penny is ordered to lick Kendra’s gaping hole while Chanel puts Hitachi on Kendra’s pussy and kisses her again. Chanel puts on a work strap and puts Kendra a pretty penny in dog style and fucks with her big strapon dildo. Kendra jumps up and opens her mouth near Penny's ass, hoping to strangle Chanel's cock and try Penny's ass inside. They take turns with their mistress on a member in the cowgirl and fuck her own ass. In the last scene, Penny lies on his back, legs apart, and Chanel gets fucked with a huge class of toys. She turns her into a dog and gives him a punch, leaving Kendra with her fist too.

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Anal Domination Training | HD 720p

Anal Domination Training | HD 720p

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