BDSM BrutalMaster - Rachel Greyhound | 30 April 2020 porno video

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BrutalMaster - Rachel Greyhound | 30 April 2020
BrutalMaster - Rachel Greyhound | 30 April 2020

Greyhound, from BondageLife, is gimped usually, you would be surprised exactly how frequently. However in this gimp session, things go a bit in a different way. She is not just bound in a truthfully harsh way, but she is also occasionally beaten for your enjoyment.

She struggles painfulle crawling around the floor, hooded, not able to see or talk (not that she is enabled to speak anyhow) while being whipped. Ultimately she end up in her cage with a huge vibrator, instructed to work the dildo which she tries to do.

This is really the perfect follow up to Greyhound’s “Day in the Life,” because this is just how she invests so much of her life, one way or another One more look into her fact.

This is Greyhound revealing what an actual slave appears like.

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