BDSM BrutalMaster - Lilah Rose | 25 November 2019 porno video

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BrutalMaster - Lilah Rose | 25 November 2019
BrutalMaster - Lilah Rose | 25 November 2019

Tortured. That is what this is, Lilah Rose is tortured. We thought about coming up with some other, trendier or more colorful title bit pain in pain, a bitch is a bitch, and that pretty much say it here. Lilah Rose is a bitch in pain, being tortured. It is sort of elegant. Along those lines, Lilah is strung up in HELL! and then the whipping starts, and the cunt is instantly transformed to a world of agony. That lasts a good long while during which the whore degrades herself explaining what a low piece of met she is.

After that there are needles, electricity, a brutal strapping during which she is screaming and himpering…oh, and cumming. The piece of shit actually has orgasms during all this from the pain. Can you believe that? You should, it happened and you can see it. Eventually, she is a bloody, bruised, welted pile of useless cunt-flesh on the floor. Right where she belongs…tortured.

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