BDSM BrutalMaster - LIta Lecherous | 4 November 2019 porno video

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BrutalMaster - LIta Lecherous | 4 November 2019
BrutalMaster - LIta Lecherous | 4 November 2019

If you want to think of it, you really need to think of it like this. I mean, Lita Lecherous had hardly even met BrutalMaster and yet, here they were, at the BondafeLife Ranch. Lita was pulling him in a horse cart, just like the animal she is. But she knows, she really knows it is going to get much worse for her. What she did not know is how much worse it could really get. See it from her perspective. She knows what she is, what see does, what she deserves to happen to here. There is a wide line between getting the punishment you need and being tortured until you can’t take another second. Punishment, the cunt knows she deserves that, torture she craves because she understands what she is.

It starts with that horse cart, but pretty soon Lita Lecherous is doubled over an old hitching post for a good old fashioned caning. For most bitches, this would be about it. But for her, at the hands of BrutalMaster, this is just the beginning. After tha caning winds down, the cunt is told to crawl up the hilll where she knows, she just knows, what is waiting for her there. The crawl up is agony but once she gets to the destination, she understands what is coming. She begins to cry.

She is going into the box, well, most of her is anyway. Her pretty soft feet wil be outside the bars to dicover their own agony. But before the beatings even begin, the cunt needs more degradation so she is pissed on, just to make sure she understands what a true piece of shit she is. She deserves no mercy, no dignity, no consideration. She deserrves only pain, degradation and humiliation. Lita Lecherous New Meat In HELL!

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