BDSM BrutalMaster - Greyhound | 2 August 2019 porno video

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BrutalMaster - Greyhound | 2 August 2019
BrutalMaster - Greyhound | 2 August 2019

You have never seen Greyhound like this because there has never been a film like this. That may be a bold statement, but it is true just the same. This is the most intense humiliation BrutalMaster has ever inflicted on a piece of meat.

Greyhound is literally screwed into a punishment box, but to increase her degradation, the front is open, meaning you can see what is happening to her, but she cannot. To increase her punishment, she is even required to lug the box all by herself into an old stable at The Ranch before her long ordeal begins. Then BrutalMaster uses long screws and a drill to seal her fate, so to speak.

It is amazing, but the whore is already dripping wet, her cunt slime running down her leg. To further her disgrace,he places jingle bell clamps on her tits so every move she makes tinkle to remind her of her agony. Then her face is decorated and distorted because that is what this piece of meat deserves.

When her inflatable dildo falls out of her stretched cunthole, it rolls across the dirt, but no matter, we have a handy way to clean it, right in her toilet mouth.

The punishment is so intense that the bitch actually pisses herself right in front of you. It is stunning to watch. But that is not all, not buy a long stretch. After all this abuse, Greyhound crying and wimpering, moaning and gushing, BrutalMaster climbs onto a step ladder and “rains” down on her from above, pissing all over her head and face as the worthless cunt does everything she can to catch his piss in her open mouth.

After a very, very, long time, she is taken out of the box. It is impossible to describe the noises she makes and just how low she is at this point. She crawls out into the horse paddock where she kneels herself on the ground to await her next ordeal.

She is the most degraded cunt ever in HELL!

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