BDSM BrutalMaster - Filth | 27 September 2019 porno video

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BrutalMaster - Filth | 27 September 2019
BrutalMaster - Filth | 27 September 2019

Once upon a time there was a piece of shit named Filth. Filth told people she would never let her tits be skewered. Nope, No way. Not going to happen.

But Filth knew she was a worthless whore whose purpose in life is licking assholes, edging, cleaning toilets with her tongue and suffering so others could laugh at her agony.

So Filth began asking to have her tits skewered, then she pleaded to have her tits skewered. Finally, she begged to have her tits skewered.

And so her tits were skewered, after being nailed and beaten and made to bleed.

And while she was strung up, and her tits were skewered, and she cried and nearly fainted, she was beaten, whipped, and utterly destroyed.

And so it was good because Filth is just filth.

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