BDSM SensualPain - Presenting The Goods | Abigail Dupree porno video

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SensualPain - Presenting The Goods | Abigail Dupree
SensualPain - Presenting The Goods | Abigail Dupree

Sex slaves are a human commodity, a product that can be bought and sold, such as cattle, copper or coffee. An owned slave in-service is also reffered to as human chattel, traditional slavery within a BDSM community or an idealism observed in private.

There are steps observed into becoming a collared slave from the untrained submissive under consideration with out⁄without a soft collar, to the fully trained hard collared slave in service. The type of training required, varys from Master to Master as much as the purpose of the slave.

Here in this video, the slave presents her goods to the Master in the early stages of her secondary training, shortly after receiving her hard collar. She is proud and thankful to serve here new Master.

The role of the slave is decided before any training. Basis of any training is always the overall voluntary responsibility of all parties and the right to permanent termination as defined in my preferred method of DEBRISx type training

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