BDSM Pavlovian Operant Conditioning with Abigail Dupree | HD 720p porno video

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Pavlovian Operant Conditioning with Abigail Dupree | HD 720p

Pavlovian Operant Conditioning with Abigail Dupree | HD 720p

This video document was taken at the start of a sex slave training SLRN # 525-871-465.
Skinner - Operant conditioning is used here as the main principle in the classic master / slave BDSM concubine. Although this was not his intention, this theory was first described by the American psychologist B. F. Skinner in 1938. This includes reinforcement or punishment for behavior and focuses on enhancing or weakening voluntary behavior. Applied here when teaching a slave, teaching sexual slavery has this concept of basic conditionality as the cornerstone of the discipline and the elimination of the old identity.
-How does the operational packaging work?
Operant (or instrumental) conditioning consists in using either amplification or punishment to increase or decrease behavior. This process establishes a link between the behavior and the consequences for this behavior. For example, suppose a trainer wants to teach a dog to catch a ball. If the dog hunts and takes the ball, the dog receives praise as a reward. If the animal does not take the ball, the trainer congratulates. Finally, the dog combines the behavior of getting the ball and getting the desired reward.
Some key concepts for operant conditioning
A reinforcement is any event that reinforces or reinforces subsequent behavior.
There are two types of amplifiers:
Positive activators are events or favorable results presented after behavior. In situations that reflect positive reinforcement, the reaction or behavior is enhanced by the addition of something, such as praise or direct reward.
Negative amplifiers include eliminating unwanted events or results after displaying the behavior. In these situations, the reaction is enhanced by eliminating something unpleasant.
In both cases, reinforcement behavior increases.
Punishment, on the other hand, is a representation of an event or an undesirable result that leads to a decrease in the behavior that follows.
There are two types of punishment:
Positive punishment, sometimes referred to as the use of punishment, includes the manifestation of an adverse event or result in order to weaken the subsequent reaction.
A negative punishment, also known as a punishment for elimination, occurs when an event or favorable outcome is eliminated after the behavior has occurred.
This document was shot early in the formation of the sexual slave SLRN # 525-871-465.
My goal is to publish these and many other documents, as well as my work at Extreme Productions Videography LLC from SensualPain Studios to further substantiate the fact that the dynamics of an established BDSM master may be more real than most others. Existing marriages by law can never be. Convince yourself! - Master James

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Pavlovian Operant Conditioning with Abigail Dupree | HD 720p

Pavlovian Operant Conditioning with Abigail Dupree | HD 720p

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